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You can call technology anything but “boring”. Technology is evolving every day, especially in the highly competitive healthcare industry.

As a doctor, I believe Microsoft has fundamentally changed the way we work. Patients are already seeing value from it, and that is what matters to us. What Microsoft has done in healthcare is, to accommodate for the specific needs of care team collaborators. It is really raising the productivity of the individual, the teams, and eventually the enterprise that will be empowered through the Microsoft experience. Integrated Microsoft capabilities increases our productivity curve. App services reduced our data storage deployment costs by no less than a thousand percent. We are going to see major advancements in cancer research, ALS, diabetes, chronic disease, and personalized medicine. That is exciting. Talk to patients whose lives have been saved, you cannot be anything but uplifted. I don’t think we would have been where we are if it wasn’t for someone like Microsoft.

Many hospitals have undergone changes like moving their business to electronic medical records (EMRs), a digital format of paper medical records. This will lead to a paperless health industry. This helps administration personnel, physicians, and nurses with timely access to medical records when needed.

How are Healthcare Organizations Using the Cloud Today?

  • Emails
  • Hosting EMR/EHR in the Cloud
  • Fax in the Cloud

How the Cloud Might Benefit the Healthcare Providers:

There are so many options available with cloud computing that can propel your healthcare business faster and further if you just know and embrace some of the new modern options that allows you to get more compute done in faster periods of time without you having to manage so much of the infrastructure.

1. Software as a service or SaaS:

The cloud can offer healthcare organizations on-demand hosted services.

2. Platform as a service or PaaS:

Cloud solutions can offer on-demand computing and large storage for medical facilities.

3. Infrastructure as a service or IaaS:

The cloud can offer a security-enhanced environment for web-based services and the deployment of cloud applications.

Microsoft Cloud Can Also Help Your Healthcare Business To:

  • Grow faster: Can your website handle a spike of patients? The last thing you want is to lose patients because your system couldn’t keep up. Microsoft is here to help.
  • Stay protected: Is your business doing everything it can to protect against security threats? Cyber-attacks are an increasingly common problem today for small and big businesses. In a hyper-competitive market, a few days of downtime means end of your business. With cloud you can have the peace of mind. Azure makes disaster recovery available instantly and cost-effectively.
  • Spark innovation: Your IT resources may be bogged down dealing with maintenance and routine tasks. Cloud offers hundreds of ready-to-go services that open limitless possibilities to drive innovation.

Improved Patient Care Using Dynamic 365:

Know me. Care for me. Ease my way.

Dynamic 365 is also doing wonders in healthcare department. It is making patient care more easy and efficient.

The core component of healthcare is to know your patient when they are contacting your facility. Microsoft dynamic 365 helps personalize patient’s journey. When patient’s call comes in, a screen pop appears showing who that patient is, based upon their phone number. You are able to capture the insights on the patients that have been calling in, to really help improve your healthcare organization, whether it be through navigation, through online tools, or insuring that you have the right physicians in place in different locations, based upon demand.

Healthcare is accelerating its movement to the cloud but many organizations are hesitant to make the move. Is the cloud secure enough? What is the ROI (return of investment) from the move to the cloud given my current investments? How do I keep control over my data and ensure all components work together securely? How will I use cloud to enhance my clinical, financial and operational performance?

Whether you have begun your journey to the cloud and need help to create a production scale azure environment or if you are already using the cloud but holding back on sensitive data due to security concerns, Communication Square can help. Book a consultation to find out how!

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Farwah Aslam: Your routine healthcare physician and a technology enthusiast.

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