If You Think Compliance Is Expensive, Try Non-Compliance

Let’s talk about a particularly naughty species of land sharks called LAWS!  There are a bunch of them out there and Crikey!! If you don’t know about laws, they can bite you in the face!

My friend has a group of laws roaming around her workplace. I call them the privacy laws and they are very fond of medical clinics. People are afraid of laws, they feel they are dangerous and intrusive. Laws are only dangerous if you don’t understand them, if you are unaware or if you try to avoid them. The best way to keep from getting eaten by land sharks is to cultivate awareness of the laws and learn to live in harmony. These sharks would cause a feeding frenzy if they happened in your clinic.  So how to avoid becoming a meal for these sharks?!

70% of the HIPAA non-complaint companies get into an incident with in a year

HIPAA fines can rage from $100 to $50000

Around 18 million patient records are compromised in a year

If you are a health care provider, you collect information about your patients every day and under HIPAA, you are required to keep that information secure and confidential. With penalties reaching over a million dollars, it is crucial for practices to be aware of mistakes that could result in HIPAA violations.

You know all the HIPAA basics but keeping your medical practice compliant with endless requirement and complicated legal statutes seems next to impossible. It’s so confusing and frustrating. It’s no wonder most practices would rather just bury their head in the sand and until now they have gotten away with it too since there has been practically no enforcement of HIPAA regulations, but those days are over!

Breaches of protected health information are being discovered every day, often resulting in large fines and class-action lawsuits. The average cost of one of those large breaches in 2011 was 1.5 million dollars; enough to bankrupt many practices, not to mention the damages to their operations and reputations.

What benefits will you get?

Our solution covers HIPAA entities, privacy and security rules

Cover HIPAA associated

HIPAA rules clearly state that any information related to healthcare must be protect. It is also called the PHI (protecting health information). You don’t have to worry about which entities fall under PHI. Our solution will take care of this and make all entities HIPAA compliant. Some of these entities include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, laboratories, and IT providers

Cover HIPAA privacy

Defining the privacy rule is the first step to maintaining compliance, protecting your patient’s confidentiality and avoiding penalties. Essentially the rule provides the healthcare professionals with the necessary criteria for safeguarding protected health information. The privacy rule outlines include which documents constitute PHI and develop a thorough understanding of the law to create implementation guides.

Cover HIPAA Security

Becoming HIPAA compliant can not only be expensive but also time consuming and overwhelming. However, the HIPAA Security Rule represents good business security practices that any business whether in healthcare or not should adopt.  The security rule spells out safeguards, that are like having a map, a compass and coordinates that guides you towards data protection utopia.

Features Comparison

Healthcare HIPAA Compliance Solution

HIPAA Complaint Classification with Encrypted Email System




HIPAA Complaint classification and protection information for persistent protection that follows patient’s data




HIPAA Complaint patients and doctors’ activities on shared data and revoke access if necessary




HIPAA Complaint In-product notifications Microsoft Office and common applications such as recommended classification help users make right decisions




HIPAA Complaint cloud or in on-premises infrastructures




HIPAA Complaint  Anti-malware




HIPAA Complaint Mail flow




HIPAA Complaint Standard, and

Email Data Loss Protection

Email Archiving

Inbound Security

 On-boarding assistance




HIPAA Complaint Monitoring and reports




HIPAA Complaint Anti-spoofing & phishing




HIPAA Complaint Mailbox Storage

50 GB

10 GB

10 GB


FREE 24/7


FREE 24/7

What our client say about us?

“Getting into the technical and legal details to make our business activities exactly complaint with the HIPAA guidelines was quite complex. We were afraid that if we missed anything, we’d be liable to heavy fines through no fault of our own. Communication Square came to our rescue and gave us a manufactured solution that was complaint with the smallest legal details.”

Michael Nolan,

PBS Corporation

Business Who Opted For Healthcare HIPAA Compliance Solution Reported

Less incident of security breaches
Increase in employee efficiency
Higher patient satisfaction

We implement the solution in two steps that involves first-hand experience and implementation later.

Customer environment

During the assessment process our team of professionals will study your business environment and will create a detailed assessment report listing all data, files, applications and workloads that need to be secured and monitored. The entire assessment process takes about a week.

Setting up Healthcare HIPAA Compliance

The implementation process is smooth in transition. It took about three weeks to deploy the solution and make it operational. Our Technical support team makes sure that whole process is completed without interrupting any business activity of our client. Basic training guides and videos were provided to get employees on board, so they do everything right from day one. No additional infrastructure development or employee hiring is required in this solution.

You already know that HIPPA is inordinately complex and that you need a strategy. You also recognize that your organization’s reputation is at risk and there may be significant cost from litigation, notifications and fines. It’s all about the requirements.

The Privacy rule has 81, The Security rule 78 and the Breach notification 10 For a total of 169.

We here at Communication Square have mapped all 169 requirements into our products, providing you full coverage of all requirements.  Policies + Procedures + Tracking Mechanisms give you visible demonstrable evidence for each requirement.

The risk analysis can help you:

  • Establish the safeguards you need at your practice.
  • Develop and put into place administrative safeguards, those are office rules that keep your data secure.

Keeping your health information secure is an ongoing process. Making security part of your office routine requires diligence, but it’s the only way to protect your patient’s information and to protect your practice from fines and penalties.

Performing a risk assessment is where Communications Square steps in.

Let’s first explain the Risk under the Security rule: A risk involves a vulnerability exploited by a threat and the likelihood of that actually coming to pass.

Now let’s imagine a ship. That’s your organization. A vulnerability is like a hole in your ship and it leaves you exposed. The threat here is water that can exploit the vulnerability. The combination of those two is a risk. This is where controls come in. You control the risk by plugging the hole. If there is no vulnerability to exploit, you have addressed the risk. That means you can move on to the next one.

Michael Nolan

CEO, PBS Corporation

“It was a great experience. We got to have an idea about our risks, costs and management through detailed analysis. It helped us map out realistic expectations for the implementation process.”

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