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Data Center on A web page

Modern workplace is changing rapidly. It is because of the new technologies taking over the business market. With the advent of PCs, internet and the web; companies started to build their on-premise data centers to store their corporate data. But on-premise data centers started showing their own problems. They were very costly and insecure. So, the world moved on to Cloud.

Cloud data centers has so many benefits that is the most rapidly expanding market in the world. Shifting your data center to Cloud and managing it through a web page is becoming the norm in business community.

Cloud Data Center Expansion

85% of the enterprise are keeping their sensitive data on Cloud

67% of the businesses will move their data to cloud by 2020

Cloud market will be worth $623 billion dollar by 2023

There must be a reason that companies are moving their data centers to Cloud so fast. Indeed, there are number of reasons. In a word changing so rapidly, the only risk is not taking any risk at all. Managing your data center through a web page is very efficient. It allows you to have the freedom to implement advanced solutions in your business environment. It allows you to have scalability in services while cutting down on your cost. Companies still sticking to old on-premise data centers run the risk of getting kicked out of the competition.

Which industry could benefit from this solution?

All industries could benefit from this solution equally. It is intended from enterprises to medium and small business. SMBs (small and medium businesses) could exclusively benefit from this solution. Such businesses don’t have much budget to spare on building secondary data centers on-premise. But they also need to have all the essentials for creating environment to implement advanced business solutions that only enterprises have the budget to afford. For example, advanced security, recovery and analysis tools. They need a solution that is scalable and affordable.

Small and medium business have a lot of data on their hands that they regularly need to save, manage and update. A separate IT department is created and administered that includes hardware and employees. Such setup eats up a huge chunk of overall budget.

Why our Data Center on a web page is the best?

It is an amazing new Cloud Solution that helps your business to simplify IT management and reduce infrastructure costs. Data Center on a Web Page is a Cloud Solution that allows you to build and control a complete data center in the Cloud without purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure while improving data security.

What benefits will you get?

Our 360 Degree Security System provides a several number of features to completely secure your business against any attack.

Have Minimum IT Cost

Don’t you think that managing data center on-premise requires you to spend a lot in terms of infrastructure and employees?  If you shift your data center to Cloud, you don’t have to buy any hardware or hire employees. Your data center will be managed by the Cloud service provider.

Get Maximum Productivity

If you could allow your employees to collaborate anytime from anywhere without worrying about data security, wouldn’t it increase your productivity? This is what exactly this solution is, it allows your employees to share file, and collaborate without security risks.

Stay on Top of Competition

Your business may not have the same resources as large enterprises but what if it could compete with the enterprise level business tools?  Shifting your data center to Cloud gives you a platform that enables you to use advanced recover, security and analysis tools.

Features Comparison

Data Center on a web page

Total support for Microsoft legacy apps



Conversion of on-prem licenses to the cloud



Good support for mixed Linux/Windows environments



Better hybrid cloud offering



Better support for disaster recovery



Easy one-click migrations in many cases



Greater awareness of enterprise needs



Stronger support for BI and analytics



More services for open source
What our client say about us?

“We have a large workforce, and with a large team comes different issues such as managing the workforce, employee productivity and mobility, and data management and security. Data Center Migration to a Web Page has made our management hassle free.”

Michael Nolan

PBS Corporation.

Business Who Opted For Data center on a web page Reported

decrease in IT management cost
increase in business productivity
increase in employee performance
increase in workplace flexibility

We implement the solution in two steps that involves assessment first and implementation later.

Customer environment assessment

During the assessment process our team of professionals will study your business environment and will create a detailed assessment report listing all data, files, applications and workloads that need to be transferred from on-premise to Cloud. The entire assessment process takes about a week.

Setting up data center on a web page

The implementation process is smooth in transition. It took about three weeks to deploy the solution and make it operational. Our Technical support team makes sure that whole process is completed without interrupting any business activity of our client. Basic training guides and videos were provided to get employees on board, so they do everything right from day one. No additional infrastructure development or employee hiring is required in this solution.

We do not believe in selling a generic product to every business. We understand that each business has unique needs. We customize all our solution according to your business needs of each of our clients. That is why it is most important for you to get an assessment done before purchasing the solution.

Michael Nolan

CEO, PBS Corporation

“We never thought that a business assessment could be so beneficial for us. It gave us an idea of total cost to be incurred in the whole process. We also got to know that we won’t be needing any IT management department to handle our Cloud Data Center. With cost cutting we could think about investing that money in other business ventures.”

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Data Center on a Web Page Assessment

Each Assessment is for 1 Hardware Node irrespective of the Number of Virtual Machines inside the Hardware Node


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