Restore Your Data Like It Was Never Gone

Data Backup System 

Data is the most fundamental instrument in the functioning of any business. With the evolution of technology, manual data records have died out and been replaces with hardware devices and software applications. The shift from paper to gadgets has introduced an ease of data recording however it is still not fool proof. Data requires safe guards for its protection and it is our responsibility to protect that data now before it’s too late.

Unavailability of Data Means A Halt in Business Activity

If you are running a business of any size, there is a chance that you have encountered a business interruption multiple times causing data loss. In the modern business market where every operation has come to depend upon the availability of data a halt in your business activities means financial impact and significant losses. Now imagine if you have any of your business assets in transit at a location far off from your office site and you are managing operations through online communication; any interruption in business crucial data will cause you damage. This is why you need a backup plan for an emergency just like this. A plan that will ensure that your data is secure and protected all the time! Every year thousands of businesses fall prey to significant data losses giving them huge financial dents, sometimes these businesses are impossible to recover from.

Don’t put your business at risk, always have a backup! 

Data Interruption: How it Hurts?

70% of firms go out of business within a year of large data loss.

1 in every 2 businesses were hit with a ransomware in 2019. 

$44k/hour was the average cost of data lost for a medium sized business.

94% of anti-virus software fail under a cyber-security attack.

$6 Trillion/Year is the estimated cost of cyber-crimes worldwide by 2021.

Almost all of your business operations are dependent upon data. You manage operations through online communication. Any interruption in business crucial data will cause significant losses. The challenge for you here is to avoid becoming a statistic in the list of failed businesses and avoid any interruption in your business because of data loss.

What is your solution?

It is time to take control over your data and avoid it taking control of you. Your data requires a complete backup and restore solutions that allows you to schedule backups at a time of your convenience. Because you are in control of scheduling your backups, your business hours won’t be affected or disturbed. You have data available with minimal down time in cases of:

Online attacks such as ransomware

Device failure

Accidental or deliberate wipe out of data

File corruption

What is your result?

With your data always secure from online attacks and available to you even in case of emergencies such as file corruption, hardware failure or accidental data loss, you will still have excellent performance, higher business productivity and minimal losses.

What Mistakes Do You Want to Avoid?

We understand that setting up and managing data backup is tough. Many companies can get lost in the maze of having the right tools, the right knowledge, and the right expertise.

Unfortunately, many businesses still believe that making a copy of their data in the same device or an external drive is good enough. Don’t be that business.

If you’re a business who is seeking a secure and protected backup of your data and really need a simple way to restore it back, Cloud Data Backup System is the answer you’ve been looking for.

why our Data Backup System is the ultimate fool proof Backup solution?

If you want a safe guard against data loss from ransomware, eliminate unnecessary costs, and instantly enable backup, then this backup solution is the ultimate answer. Data Backup System is a remarkable new backup solution that helps every business trying to securely backup their data in a guaranteed way.

You Can Restore ​​​​Data as Old as you want!
Data Backup System

Who Is This Solution For?

This solution is intended for business of all sizes who seek data protection and secure restoration.

Data Backup System

The Solution in Action

With Data Backup System in Cloud, you can have the ultimate Backup System. Whether the case is of human accidental data deletion, or a device failure that results in data loss, or even an online attack that causes file corruption, Data Backup System will restore your data to ensure that your business has minimum consequences.

Restore Backup in Case of File Corruption

With our Backup Solution you can instantly restore backup with the help of our support team or using the web portal by yourself. This solution will prevent communication and data exchange failure in cases files get corrupted. You can restore pre-corrupt version of files in no time!

Instantly Access Data in Case of Deletion

This Backup Solution will allow you to restore data that you thought is gone for good. Human error is inevitable and it’s good to have a remedy for that Communication Square’s Solution.

Continue Operations in case of Hardware Failure

Hardware failure is something that is not instantly replaceable and can cause massive business interruption. With our Backup Solution you can instantly enable backup in Virtual Machines and continue your business activities stress-free!

Data Backup System

What Benefits Do You Get?

By deploying our Data Backup System Solution, you get

Constant data availability all the time

Instant backup and restoration in case of emergencies

Improved employee and business productivity

Backup Storage Cost and Classes

No. of Machines
Data Backup System



















Support Comparison

Data Backup System


Free for the 1st year only

Automatic Backup Management


Unlimited Scaling

Limitations for Scale-out Backup Report

Multiple Storage Options


Data Encryption: AES-265, the protocol recommended by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology

Veeam Backup & Replication uses different encryption keys for every job session

Long-Term Retention


What our client say about us?

“I still remember when we were trying to figure out the whole split, and a Communication Square consultant walked up to me and said, ‘there is a better way…give us a chance and data backup can be so much better,’ and there has been no looking back since.”

Andrew Reynolds
Reynolds Logistics

Business Who Opted For Data Backup System Reported

decrease in downtime
 decrease in IT management cost
increase in employee efficiency
increase in revenue
Increased Productivity

Ever since we have started using Data Backup System, we have experienced higher business productivity because of minimal down times in cases of data corruption or wipe out.

higher Employee Efficiency

Now that our employees can instantly restore data even in cases of accidental wipe outs or file corruption, their performance has enhanced, and efficiency has improved.

Higher Profits

As we don’t have to build further infrastructure for backups or hire new IT teams to manage backups, we are effectively cutting down our IT management costs.

Next Steps: What Will the Transition Process Look Like?

We implement the solution in two steps that involves assessment first and implementation later.

Customer environment assessment

Our team of highly trained professionals will study your business environment and create a detailed assessment report listing all files, information and data that will require to be migrated to Cloud Data Backup System.

Setting up Data Backup System

The Implementation process is smooth in transition and takes just one week. Our technical support team will make sure that whole process is completed without interrupting any business activity. We guarantee you won’t experience any downtime during the implementation of this solution.

Assessment are vital when we want to learn about our client’s environment. We assess the size of data required for backups as well as what services are important to our client for backup. We also deeply assess what software is best suitable to meet the smooth processes of our client’s business.

Get Your Data Back system Assessment Report Now


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your revenues over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Data Backup Assessment

Each Assessment is for 1 Hardware Node irrespective of the Number of Virtual Machines inside the Hardware Node


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